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S9E5: Nick Yarris: Waylaid by a Lie - Part 2

In part 2 of the Nick Yarris story, we pick up where we left off with Nick turning himself in after his unintentional escape from death row. It’s about 3 years and 2 months after Linda Mae Craig was found beaten, raped, and stabbed to death in a church parking lot in Chichester, PA. As you’ve already heard Nick recount, he had an altercation with a police officer during a traffic stop that led to an accidental discharge of the officer’s gun, followed by a laundry list of trumped up charges. In a turn of events that he would come to sincerely regret, Nick tried to exchange false information about Linda Mae Craig’s attacker for his own freedom. When caught in his lie, the state fixed a case against him that would lead to an almost 22 year stint on death row. Eventually, the same biological evidence that was used to convict him became the evidence that would set him free and win him $4 million in his civil suit against Delaware County, Pennsylvania. In the 2nd half of this interview, Nick Yarris tells us about his encounters with other innocent men and serial killers alike, being the 1st to request post conviction DNA testing from death row, his education, exoneration, botched release, and his life, post exoneration. His incredible story has served to inform a truly unique, yet relatable, perspective. Nick Yarris is currently available for speaking engagements and can be reached on social media or through his website: http://www.nickyarris.org.


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